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Residence permit in Slovakia

Today, for many foreign residents, the issue of immigration to Europe is not losing relevance, since the opportunity to live in a country with a stable economic, political and environmental situation is an obvious and logical desire.

The company "PASSPORTES" offers you a simple and convenient way of immigration to the European Union, drawing your attention to Slovakia - one of the few countries in Europe that provides all the conditions for a comfortable life without the usual poverty, corruption and lack of social support.

A residence permit in a country like Slovakia is very demand today. There are many reasons for this: a temperate continental climate, extraordinary beauty of nature, small cozy cities with medieval architecture, a high level of protection of human rights. The most important thing is the opportunity to develop your own business in a stable European economy.

hat gives a residence permit in Slovakia?

Residence permits in Slovakia entitle you to stay in the country and to enter and leave freely for the duration of the validity period, without the need to obtain visas. The residence permit legally certified by a document confirming your right to reside in Slovakia, without the registration of Slovakian citizenship. After the expiration of the residence permit, you can legally claim the citizenship of Slovakian Republic and permanent residence.

Note that registering your own company is the most convenient and easy way to get a residence permit in Slovakia. It’s called business immigration. To carry out business immigration to Slovakia, it is necessary to register an enterprise there, purchase an already ready business, or buy commercial real estate. The purchase of residential property also gives the right to obtain residence permits in Slovakia. After the opening of your own company (purchase of real estate), you will have grounds for obtaining residence permits in Slovakia, with which you can conduct business, make loans in banks of Slovakia, without a visa to travel around the countries of the Schengen area, use health insurance, mortgages.

The company "PASSPORTES" is ready to provide its assistance to the process of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia. We will not only prepare the entire package of documents for you, but we will also be able to speed up the process of obtaining a residence permit, and subsequently the citizenship of the Slovakian Republic.

Вид на жительство в Словакии To start issuing a residence permit, you will need to provide following package of documents:

Note that under the terms of the accelerated program of business immigration to Slovakia, you do not have to know the Slovak language at the time of submitting the documents. It will be enough to have basic knowledge of the language, as well as to be acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of the Slovak Republic.

We are ready to take care of all the necessary documents for the residence permit in Slovakia for you! Professionalism, legality and quality are the priorities of PASSPORTES. Trust our experience in immigration. Choose well-being for yourself and your family!

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