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Slovak Passport

The process of receiving passport of Slovakia is very difficult and expensive procedure. Despite of that a lot of people around world choose this country for immigration.

The company PASSPORTES help you solve quickly and not expansive all problems with getting Slovak passport. Our services are legal.

Our experts are ready to provide You consultation. You just send request on our website and our manager call you back soon and will give you answer on all your questions.

Slovak passport gives you a lot of advantages:

Slovakia is famous for its social stability, low level of criminal activity, rapid economic development and care about the environment. All those advantages attract international investors.

The Slovak legislation allows dual citizenship. Although, the citizenship of Slovakia is predominant during your living in Slovakia.

The PASSPORTES will help You receive Slovak passport by proving your affiliation to Slovak nation.

Паспорт гражданина Словакии

The law about “foreign Slovaks” gives You the right to receive Slovak citizenship by the way of naturalization. It is possible because of paragraph 7 of the law “About Slovaks who live abroad”.

Our experts help to receive as Slovak passport (ID-card) as international passport. Also, we help to receive Slovak registration.

he company PASSPORTES guarantee the legality and transparency of all procedures. We have long term experience in our business. We trust our foreign partners and our clients trust us.

Make Your European choice with our company PASSPORTES

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