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Immigration to Romania

Romania is a southeastern European country with incredibly picturesque natural scenery, filled with views of the Black Sea, mountain ranges and endless green meadows. This is a country about which are composed many legends and mystical stories, and the memory of antiquity is present in each of the numerous castles and fortresses located on the territory of the state. When it comes to Romania, we cannot do not mention Transylvania and Dracula Castle - a favorite place for visiting tourists from all over the world. He is on the top of a cliff, ringed by an abyss. All visitors to Transylvania tend to get there at night, to see the incredibly ominous and mysterious silhouette of the castle.

However, today Romania attracts not only tourists, but also those who decided to live and work in the territory of this European state. Experts note the significant economic leap that Romania has made in recent years, this has increased its attractiveness for international investors. The economic situation in the country facilitates the opening of one's own business, and the legislation provides assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, guaranteeing benefits in paying taxes and in the communal sphere.

In 2007, Romania became part of the EU, and in January 2014, all citizens of the country were able to find employment in such countries as Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands on pan-European rights, And social benefits, as the ethnic residents of these states.

Иммиграция в Румынию

Since January 2014, for all Romanian citizens, ESTA allows to enter the US, Canada and the UK. The ESTA program is the filing of an application in electronic form for obtaining an entry permit. This greatly simplified the process of traveling to these countries for Romanian citizens. Under the legislation in Romania, a second nationality is - allowed. This allows Ukrainians and residents of other CIS countries to have EU citizenship without giving up their first.

This means that, being a full citizen of Romania, you will be able to live and work in any EU country with all social guarantees and support from the authorities of the country.

The company "PASSPORTES" is a reliable partner in the market of immigration services. We will help you to get your Romanian citizenship quickly, efficiently and legally. Take a step towards your future in Europe!

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