All the privileges of EU citizens with the passport of Romania

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Passport of Romania

The company "PASSPORTES" offers its services in obtaining a passport of Romania - a passport of a citizen of the European Union - for all citizens of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Do not miss your chance to be a complete EU citizen, getting all the rights and opportunities that provide the legislation of European countries.

The holder of the passport of Romania can travel without visas to more than 150 countries, receive higher education in Europe and other universities of the world, open and conduct business, purchase real estate, receive the right to free medical care, social benefits and much more. The passport of Romania gives all the rights and opportunities of the inhabitants of the European Union. This document is the main legal instrument in obtaining citizenship. Passport - the document that proving identity - that gives the right to participate in national elections to the parliament, presidential elections and other social and political events of the country.

We help to arrange both an internal passport and a passport of a Romanian citizen. These two IDs have the same legal status, however, the country of your first citizenship, for example, Ukraine, will be indicated in the foreign passport.

The European Union provides many opportunities for legal residents of the countries that make up it. First of all, this of course, is an opportunity to get a decent, well-paid job in the territory of Romania and all European countries. Also, the big advantage is the availability of qualified medical services, social packages, mortgages, secondary and higher education.

Passport of Romania

You will be able to become depositors of any European banks, appreciating their reliability.

The lawyers of PASSPORTES will help with the registration of not only the passport of a Romanian citizen - the Romanian Card, but also with the receipt of a certificate of birth of a Romanian citizen (Certificat de cetatenie), which entitles to the passport itself.

The birth certificate issued within two months, and the Romanian Card can be obtained within two weeks after receiving the certificate. In obtaining the TIN our specialists will help you free of charge!

The entire procedure for issuing and receiving documents is legal, transparent and confidential. We guarantee you the assistance of qualified specialists, both on the territory of your country and on the territory of Romania.

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