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EU Citizenship

EU citizenship and an EU company

«PASSPORTES» will help you become an EU citizen by providing the complete range of immigration services. We will answer all your questions and provide full legal support during the process for acquiring EU citizenship.

Become a citizen of the European Union where human rights are always treated as a top priority, fulfill your professional ambitions and secure your future and the future of your family. All EU countries will protect your rights and liberties and provide a decent level of social support and good healthcare.

Many EU countries allow dual citizenship, which is a great advantage as you don't have to give up your original citizenship. You can live and work freely in any EU country and visit countries in the Schengen zone, as well as other countries in the world, without a visa. The absence of borders in the EU means that there are opportunities for professional and personal development with full compliance with laws and respect for human rights.

An EU Passport provides a number of advantages. Choose a European country and don't miss your chance to fulfill your potential.

«PASSPORTES» will help you fulfill your dream by collecting and processing your documents. You won't need to wait in long queues and endure bureaucratic delays. We guarantee speed, legality and a result.

We can help you become a citizen of countries such as Slovenia,Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, countries with rapidly developing economies, high levels of social protection, health care and education. The legislation of these countries is loyal to foreign residents and gives a green light for acquiring a second passport.

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100% guarantee

We guarantee a positive result and we work without failures

Individual approach

We pay full attention to each customer, our lawyers only deal with your case


We ensure full confidentiality in any situation


We work legally and do not work with fake documents

Personal attendance when submitting documents

The customer can be present when submitting documents to the Immigration Office

Qualified lawyers

Since you are qualified lawyers with years of experience in the field of migration services.

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