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The Advantages of Slovak citizenship

To live and to work legally in any European country

You get an opportunity to live and to work in European Union country from 2004

Material wellbeing

You get an opportunity to live in the country with the most rapid economic development among European Union states, that guarantee wellbeing you and your family

Personal business in Europe

You get an opportunity to possess and to manage personal company in Europe

Ecology and health

You become resident of the country with high level the medical care and the environmental care.

Opportunity to obtain European education

You get an opportunity to study and to get academic degree in the best Universities of the world.

Cultural opportunities

You will live in the country with tolerant and friendful culture.

Slovak citizenship

The receiving of the citizenship

The company PASSPORTES provides the simple and quick procedure of the receiving Slovak citizenship.

The possession of Slovak citizenship automatically gives you all rights and privileges of European citizen. All citizens of Slovak Republic have the freedom of movement within the EU, the opportunity to do business, the social guarantee and benefits, the health insurance, the opportunity of legal employment, the right of the participation in social and political life.

Slovak immigration law allows dual citizenship. Although, the citizenship of Slovakia is predominant if You live in Slovakia.

We will help You to obtain the Slovak citizenship by restoring the Slovak citizenship which was formerly lost by your ancestors. The law about “foreign Slovaks” gives You the right to receive Slovak citizenship by the way of naturalization. It is possible because of paragraph 7 of the law “About Slovaks who live abroad”. Slovak nationality is determined by such documents as the birth certificate or the baptismal certificate of the applicant (her/his parents, grandparents), the license of the citizenship or the documentary proof of the permanent residence of grandparents in Slovakia. In the case of the determination of the Slovak nationality, the term of the receiving of the citizenship decreases from five to two years.

The procedure of the registration

The company PASSPORTES will prove your affiliation to the Slovak nation and will prepare all necessary package of the documents for the registration of Slovak citizenship. We will also help you to restore the document if they are lost. To find those documents, our experts parse archives and extract data from the census of population, church lists and birth certificates.

If You contact the company PASSPORTES, you will get free consultation by qualified experts and you will avoid troublesome and long registration procedure.

If You want to restore the lost Slovak citizenship and You can provide the package of documents that are required to prove your Slovak origin, our company will validate those documents for free.

After the restoring Slovak citizenship, you will receive next documents:

  • - Certificate of receiving Slovak citizenship;
  • - ID-card with the registration at the place of residence;
  • - International passport;
  • - Social insurance (for 1 year);

The simplified procedure of the receiving Slovak citizenship goes in base of the Law About Slovak Citizenship, paragraph 7. This law gives opportunity to get (to restore) the right for citizenship for all the foreigners despite of their place of birth. Important to know that there is not requirement to know Slovak languages. You just must have basic knowledge of Slovak state history, its culture and traditions.

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Price of service

Document submission

For citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, China and other
25000 €
Processing time — 7-8 months
Free for children 12 years old and under

Accelerated program

For citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, China and other
45000 €
Processing time — 3 months
Free for children 12 years old and under

How we work

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After you have submitted all the documents necessary for acquiring EU citizenship, we will sign a contract for the provision of legal services.

Document submission

After issuing power of attorney to our lawyer who will represent your interests in the process of acquiring EU citizenship and gathering all necessary facts confirming your right to EU citizenship, your file will be submitted to the appropriate authority.

Acquire citizenship

All the procedures necessary for submitting your biometric data and acquiring an EU passport will be performed within the agreed timescale to make it as convenient for you as possible.

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