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Immigration to Hungary

Do you want to become one of the citizens of the European Union with all the resulting preferences and opportunities? Do you dream of getting a new citizenship, especially if you are not required to move to the country of registration and registration there? You remain a full-fledged citizen of your country, but you acquire the right to live, study and work for yourself and your family in any of the 27 countries of the European Union, visa-free travel throughout Europe and most developed countries, including the United States and Canada

Is it tempting? Still would! More recently, the dream of getting citizenship in the European Union (EU) becomes a reality for you. The fact is that Hungary since the beginning of 2011 introduced a new law, according to which it facilitates the repatriation of ethnic Hungarians, their descendants and relatives to the country. This opportunity to obtain citizenship can really be used by everyone.

For the repatriates, the Hungarian government has already allocated about 9 million euros, counting on the number of new citizens of the country to be about 400,000. The process is just beginning, with most applicants being Europeans, and the number of people from the CIS is still relatively small. So you have a real chance to take advantage of the unique opportunity to become a full-fledged citizen of Europe. The second such chance may not appear.

Immigration to Hungary

Hungarians have the opportunity to find employment in countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on common European rights, receiving the same benefits and social benefits as the ethnic residents of these states.

A team of professionals and international lawyers will help you and your family to get quality education, worthy paid work, developed medical services, a high level of social protection, a decent life in the European country by restoring the lost citizenship of Hungary.

By trusting us, you can be assured of obtaining a guaranteed result, legal support at all stages, maintaining the full confidentiality of your data, the legality of your documents.

Discover the window to Europe! Start living a European life, because you and your family deserve it!

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