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Immigration to Slovakia

In the geographical center of Europe is a small country, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains and washed by the waters of the Dunai - Slovakia. This country, so small in size, provides excellent conditions for living and working there. Known for the whole world ski resorts, incredible beauty geysers, emerald green national parks and stalactite-rich caves - this is an incomplete list of the natural splendor of Slovakia. This country is famous for its huge number of medieval castles and fortresses. The most popular among tourists and residents of Slovakia are the castles Cherveny Kamen, Oravsky Castle and Bojnice Castle. Also the authorities pay much attention and money to create modern recreational resorts with water parks, underground mineral springs and spa sanatoriums.

It should be noted that the ecological situation in the Slovak Republic occupies one of the leading places in the social policy of the country, which makes Slovakia a comfortable and safe place to live. Also according to the European Commission, Slovakia is a country with one of the lowest crime rates among EU states.

The Slovak authorities are extremely interested in the political, economic, social and cultural development of the country, therefore the state has a large network of state educational institutions with free education at all levels. Young specialists receive assistance in the search for work, and students are paid a scholarship.

Immigration to Slovakia

In the Slovak Republic, extremely favorable conditions have been created for attracting investments to the country. This mainly concerns the medium and small business, which is thriving here. Legislation in Slovakia is quite loyal to business immigration, and many companies are actively cooperating with foreign partners. Doing business in a comfortable atmosphere, decent living conditions, a favorable ecological situation today make Slovakia one of the best countries for immigration.

The company "PASSPORTES" is ready to help you with immigration to Slovakia.

Take a step towards your future and the future of your children!

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