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Hungarian passport

«PASSPORTES» provides services for acquiring a Hungarian passport. We help you become a full citizen of the EU with all rights and opportunities through acquiring Hungarian citizenship.

«PASSPORTES» will help you to get a Hungarian passport as quickly as possible by providing the complete range of immigration services. We will answer all your questions and provide legal support at each stage of processing your EU citizenship. As a EU citizen you will have many advantages such as visa-free travel and living in the EU based on a passport, ID card, the right to work in 27 countries and high-quality European secondary and higher education.

You can buy real property in 27 countries with no additional expenses on local taxes and charges. EU citizens have the right to high-quality medical assistance throughout the EU and the ability to run a business in the EU with preferential taxation.

You can hold EU citizenship and keep your original citizenship. If you are an EU citizen, you can obtain credit or a mortgage with reduced interest in any EU country and apply for visas for your parents based on your place of residence in any EU member country for up to three years.


You will be able to participate in the political life of the country, support yourself and your family in a country where human rights are respected and laws are complied with.

A Hungarian passport provides all rights and opportunities of EU residents. This document is the principal legal instrument upon acquiring citizenship. The passport grants the right to participate in national parliament and presidential elections and other social and political events in the country.

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