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Immigration to Slovenia

Slovenia – is wonderful country located in the center of Europe. Slovenian culture it is integration of Mediterranean, Balkan and Slavic cultures. Slovenia it’s not big in size, but very comfortable country that has unique natural and recreational abundance: the snow white peaks of Alps, the green valleys, the coniferous forests, hot Adriatic Sea, the karst caves, plenty mineral and thermal reservoir, The Middle Ages castles and forts, the ancient cities with a lot of baroque architecture.

Slovenia, it is European country with Balkan and Slavic history since Slovenia has been part of Yugoslavia.

Immigration by investments

If you want to start your business in Slovenia, it is hard to imagine better place for business in Europe. There are a lot of possibilities for your business. One of the most perspective area – tourism, because nature in Slovenia is very beautiful and various. Ski and thermal spa resorts, middle age architecture, seashores, and other touristic attractions have big potential for your business.

Иммиграция в Словению

Slovenia is always hospitable for people who are looking for possibility to invest.

Allot of investors of Slovenia are also attracted by the car and metal industry, the electricity production, the service industry, IT-industry and others.

The company PASSPORTES gives you opportunities to live and to work in Slovenia! Think about happy future for your children!

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